Network Infrastructure

As it has since 1998, 2ST continues to evaluate potential technology partners, seeking out those technologies that can demonstrably impact our clients infrastructure by improving performance while maintaining if not enhancing its safety, security and stability.  For more than a decade now there has been an increasing demand for convergence, consolidation, abstraction and standardization requiring a more choreographed approach among the various stakeholders both inside and outside of the IT Department.

At its base level each and every IT group has the responsibility of ensuring communications are originated and delivered to their intended audience with as little delay as possible and doing so in a manner that ensures the security of those communications. To accomplish this, we address the end-to-end integrity of each IP packet. Starting with a holistic approach, viewing the three components of that infrastructure, networks, servers and storage as the means to maintaining both communication/application access, we help our clients cut through the clutter by understanding the business requirements and aligning those with the roadmap being pursued across multiple groups within the IT Department.ensuring business continuity.


Information Security

Organizations of all types  are having to defend against threats that originate externally and within their own network.  Security groups must be vigilant in their approach to information security and remain abreast of imminent new threats. Defending against threats is only aspect of this critically important role- building in the flexibility necessary to keep your organization competitive in a global environment without unnecessarily restricting active business units is our goal at

With extensive knowledge and experience in information security , has developed a number of relationships with leading information security vendors giving our clients access to true best of breed products and services.